Press Release

Press release is the way how to let media know that I am about to release music, video etc. For a singer-songwriter with a DIY approach, it is important to be aware of basics rules how to write an effective press release. To learn how to write a press release, I search online and I found several good tips.


Identify what exactly am I promoting

Press release needs to be very clear and focused on one thing that I want to promote. I need to choose whether I want to promote EP release or my upcoming tour. It is not a good idea to mix things up. Of course, it is a good idea to include several words about myself as a singer-songwriter and what am I doing now because that could make people interested what I am about to do in the future.


What is special about my project?

Find something which is special about my project. Whether it is a tour or upcoming release, there are always lots of bands and singer-songwriters releasing and touring. It is a good idea to find a story behind a release of an album or tour. Even if it is a little thing, it can make the press release more special and unique.


Include press release into email

It is better to include the press release directly into the email because it doesn’t cause any problem with attaching files.


Right timing

It is a good idea to contact press companies and have the press release at least 4 weeks before the release.


I got a lot of good ideas from DIY Musician website by CD Baby. They offer very good guidelines and tips for independent artists on things like writing a press release.