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Perth College UHI

Music Graded Unit 1: Logbook – 2017


Name: Jakub Pesek

Date: 28/02/2017

For a past few dates I made a design for my website and I created all the tabs and menus. I created a website will contact information, homepage and page with a S.W.O.T. analysis.

I started writing songs for Far Away EP and I plan to record demos of the songs in the following days. My goal is to have all the songs written and demos recorded by the end of March. I also become a member of PRS and PPL organisations.

I made a design for my business cards and I let them printed online, it arrived and I have business cards.


Name: Jakub Pesek

Date: 05/03/2017

For a past few days I wrote more songs and recorded a few demos. Songwriting process is going quite well so far. I went to a networking event organised by UK Music which took place in Glasgow and I attended a Born To Be Wide Music Producer event in Edinburgh.

I created a tab with information about my home recording studio. To do that, I took photos of my studio and I wrote a list of all equipment I have and use in my studio.

I also created a tab with links to all of my social media accounts. Another tab I created is organisations tab where I created a list of organisations that are important for my future career as a singer-songwriter.

I managed to arrange 3 photoshoots with professional photographers. One of them is on 06/03/2017 in Perth, another one on 15/03/2017 in a photographic studio in Edinburgh and the last one with a Glasgow photographer on a beach near Edinburgh on 30/03/2017.


Name: Jakub Pesek

Date: 10/03/2017            

I created a tab with a copyright statement and highlighting importance of knowing copyright law and rules.

I recorded a few different ideas for the past few days. So far I have written 8 songs for my Far Away EP, I recorded 3 demos. My goal is to record all 8 songs as demos and then choose 4 or 5 songs which I will put on the EP.

Songwriting process is going pretty well so far. I usually write a song with an acoustic guitar and I came up with a melody for the vocals. I record the idea on my phone and try to add lyrics to the melody. I wrote the lyrics into a notepad. Then I develop the idea and try to make a song structure.  Then I record everything into Pro Tools, bounce it as a mp3 file and then put it in my phone and listen to the track. Then I make changes to the recording, edit lyrics, melody and sometimes I change a song structure.

Photoshoot in Perth went well and I already have the photos processed and ready to put on the website.


Name: Jakub Pesek

Date: 15/03/2017

Last few days didn’t go as planned and I am behind the schedule. I managed to create a tab About (Bio in planning document). Unfortunately, I failed to create a tab about networking events because I want this tab to be very detailed and accurate. Tab should be finished by 17/03/2017.

Unfortunately, photo shoot in Edinburgh was cancelled and rescheduled for Friday 17/03/2017. I already had bought train tickets and that’s why I went to Edinburgh anyway and I spend morning busking on the street.

I didn’t manage to record any new demos, instead I tried to learn several songs for live performance with a looper. My goal is to record at least 2 demos until the end of the week.


Name: Jakub Pesek   

Date: 20/03/2017

This week I continued to write songs for my Far Away EP. I managed to record another two demos of songs. I also managed to create a tab about Networking events. I still need to write a several blogposts about the networking events I’ve attended.



Name: Jakub Pesek   

Date: 25/03/2017           

This week I’ve been working on rearranging original songs for Far Away EP. I did this because I feel like the arrangements of demos are too pop and I want the EP to sound more alternative and atmospheric rather than a radio chart pop record. I started to rearrange first song which is called The Sea and I think I managed to create a pretty good atmospheric arrangement so far.

I also created a tab Music where I put all the songs I’ve recorded with my band My Favourite Rainbow and I also wrote a short text about songs I plan to record for my Far Away EP.

Next week I want to create a tab with all the important contracts for my career. I am going to use resources from Working in the Creative Industries to achieve that and I am also going to research online.












Name: Jakub Pesek   

Date: 30/03/2017            

I created a tab with all the contracts that I may use in the future. I used mostly contracts from Musician Union and some contracts which we discussed in Working in the Creative Industries module.

I was also supposed to have a photoshoot with Daniel White but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Weather was not ideal on Monday 31st so we decided to move the photoshoot to the different day but unfortunately Daniel was ill on that day. This photoshoot is rescheduled to the end of April.




Name: Jakub Pesek   

Date: 04/04/2017              

This week I created recording studios tab. In this tab, I am mentioning several studios where I could record my music. To do this, I researched online for studios and I used contacts I get from attending networking events.

Il also created a tab with posters logo and business cards. I created a tab with artists that inspire me. I also created a tab with a Musician CV and Live Streams. All these tabs were made quickly because I used materials and information that I already had from the modules I undertook this year.


Name: Jakub Pesek   

Date: 09/04/2017       

This week I created a tab with my live setup. To do this, I had to think about how I would like to perform live. I decided that I will perform solo with a loop station and some effects pedals. I still have a long way to go to make everything work, but in this tab, I created a plan how to perform live in the future.


I also created a tab with Live videos. I used videos from gigs with my bands from live performance in this tab. Financial plan, health and safety. I used materials from Professional Practice for Musicians to create these tabs. I also decided that I will not make a Blog tab for this project. I will do this tab on my professional website which I will use for professional purposes.



Name: Jakub Pesek

Date: 14/04/2017       


This week I created a tab with a press release guide. To do  this, I researched online and wrote down some tips how to write a good press release. I also created a video to demonstrate the skills I get from undertaking Music Theory module. I am playing different scales and chords. I recorded this video with a camera and then edited it in a computer. Then I uploaded this video to Youtube.




I also created a Content Page with all the links and tabs I have on my portfolio website.


Name: Jakub Pesek

Date: 21/04/2017              

This week I created testimonials page. To do this I contacted some of the musicians and I asked them to write a short reference. I also created a tab about my upcoming debut EP Far Away. At first, I planned to release this EP as a part of this Graded Unit project but then I decided to release it later this year. This will allow me to record the songs in better quality and also do some promotion for this EP. In this tab, I included a demo of a song that is going to be on this EP. I also finished this logbook and finished some of the tabs that were not made properly.