Far Away EP

Far Away is an upcoming EP which is going to be released during Autumn 2017. It is going to feature 5-6 songs. As mentioned in other tabs, my music is mostly inspired by indie-folk artists. For me, the most important message a song can carry is an emotion. Far Away EP is going to be my first attempt to create a music with emotions. This is artwork that is most likely going to be used for this EP:

My initial plan was to release this EP as a part of my Graded Unit project during April. I wrote about songwriting process and recording songs in my Logbook. In the end, I decided to postpone release date for several reasons. The first reason is that I will have more time to record the EP during summer, I will have more time to figure out the right arrangement, instrumentation, and sounds for the songs. Releasing the EP in April would be simply too rushed. I also hope to write some more songs. Second reason is that I would like to do a short tour to support release of my EP and I would like to create some visuals for release on Youtube which wouldn’t be possible if I released my EP in April. The final reason is that I already have some material released and I can use that for demonstrating my songwriting skills in my Graded Unit project. Even though I decided not to release Far Away EP as a part of my Graded Unit project, I believe that I’ve done a lot of work, I wrote a lot of songs and recorded a lot of ideas.

I already have 9 rough demos of songs that I wrote for this EP. Below is a link to a song that is most likely going to end up on the EP, it is called Too Many People. I published it because of Graded Unit project. A lot of things is going to change in the song, this is just a very rough demo or recording of ideas:

I included this recording to demonstrate how Far Away EP could sound like. I usually write a song with an acoustic guitar and I came up with a melody for the vocals. I record the idea on my phone and try to add lyrics to the melody. Then I develop the idea and try to make a song structure. Final stage of recording an idea is that I record everything into Pro Tools, bounce it as a mp3 file and then put it in my phone and listen to the track. Then I make changes to the recording, edit lyrics, melody and sometimes I change a song structure.

I hope that Far Away EP will be released at the beginning of October.